Nice pins.

I love my morning walks around the local college.

It’s just me and my bladder in the early sun, holding it in and enjoying the sites.

Like the creek that runs next to it for about a half mile. There’s one little spot where turtles like to sunbathe…

The canopied parts are cozy and inviting, but I catch myself looking up to make sure no snakes are dangling. I cannot not look up.

Sometimes I try to go through and force my eyes straight ahead, but then out of the corner of my eye a curved tree branch startles me into a head-twisting, eyes-bulging freak.

And then the wall o’ green, as I call it. You can’t see anything past this and that’s the way I like it.

Sometimes on the trail I see people running. Every time, though, I admire their runner’s bodies. I would give every excuse not to go for a jog not too long ago. But now that I can’t, it’s all I want to do.

One girl ran by and I marveled at her toned thighs. Couldn’t help it.

So I looked down to check out my own…


Well, I’m sure they look just like hers.


2 comments on “Nice pins.

  1. little teacher says:

    Back up…did you say turtles? They are the perfect walking companion. They have the correct pace for this crazy world, no one ever judges how they clean house and on the flip side think caramel and pecans. What other creature has a candy to top that. Sweet inspiration….

    • cuethebanjo says:

      No joke, I always think of you when I see a turtle! And then R told me the story about how you both found an injured turtle on the side of the road and after R made sure to put it safely out of danger you said “Well, at least he knew he was loved for the last few minutes of his life.” Tear my heart out!!

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