Palazzo Pants – 50 cents too much

I am the easiest sell.

At a garage sale recently, I pulled out what I thought was a sarong. It had multiple straps that could be tied and I convinced myself it would be a perfect adjustable maternity dress.

50 cents? Sold.

Then someone told me that they were italian palazzo pants, and the straps wrap around the waist.

Problem is, I’m not in Italy nor on a patio. To make matters worse, I didn’t even have gelato. So I did the only logical thing and bought a gallon of Blue Bunny ice cream.

It’s for the baby, people.


Now she is pantsing it up on an italian patio. But don’t worry, I’m positive she also just put down a gallon of gelato before taking this photo.

 This was my photo shoot. Freaking yikes. At least I was wearing a bra.  

Note to self: do not wear sarong-like palazzo pants on a windy day while playing horseshoes.  Neighbors will confirm their suspicions on why you live in shack.

 Speaking of horseshoes, R and I were neck and neck and he needed one shoe to touch the pole for two points in order to win.

 We heard a clang and so ran (I waddled) to see if he got it. While inspecting, R also weeded the sandpit.

 Yes! I won. By a millimeter.

I think R was distracted by the palazzo pants siren’s call. I know, you just can’t blame him, can you.

3 comments on “Palazzo Pants – 50 cents too much

  1. Jessica Hood says:

    You look so Cute!! I can’t wait to see you and the bump.

  2. jodi says:

    Bahahaha! Carrie, I love you! And miss you!!! What’s up with not seeing each other in, oh, 7 years?! Seriously…we need a date.

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