Scarface part deux

I have a confession, my friends:

I have never, ever mended anything in my life. Never stitched up a seam, never sewed on a button… nope. But a couple days ago, I was folding laundry and came across a shirt that had a hole in the armpit. It’s one that we wear to bed, and really, should have been given to the Goodwill years ago, but I hung onto it for some reason. So I noticed the hole and decided that I was not going to donate it, but rather mend it.

Hell, at least I should donate something that I first royally messed up with mending. Right?

The Victim:

T-shirt already with low self-esteem as it had been relegated to the “sleeping attire only” drawer.


The tools:

A mixture of random supplies given to me during college that have never seen the light of day… which for some reason also includes one bright orange ear plug. Apparently I’m Van Gogh or something.


The moral support:

A batch of homemade chocolate icing. If I had only had graham crackers…

So after staring at the t-shirt for what seemed a couple hours, I finally picked it up. And lightning did not strike, much to my surprise.

Thankfully I did remember to turn it inside out. How I knew that, I have no idea. I probably just wanted an excuse to use the midget scissors and cut off loose ends.

But then I came to the needle and thread debacle.

Now, I’m not going to blame anyone (mom), but why do I not know how to thread and knot a needle?

I turned to my trusty binder full of misc magazine articles…and by golly there was a mending section! Surely they would describe how to thread a needle, yeah?

Um, no. Apparently that part of the process is a given. In fact, there was an asterisk at the bottom of the article stating, “Anyone that tears out this article for later reference should obviously know how to thread a needle and tie a knot. You idiot.”

I was offended. So did the only logical thing…

…and go to the internet. I swear, what would I do without the internet?

Except, this is what I watched for most of the time. Our internet is so darn slow, it’s excruciating. But finally she came through and showed me what to do.

And so I did.

And it was sewn.

And I flipped the shirt back to admire my handiwork.

Holy Freaking Moly.

Let’s all have a moment of silence and thank God that I did not become a surgeon.

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6 comments on “Scarface part deux

  1. annie says:

    I just adore you & your work. Say hello to your #1 fan. I pray for the day your book or tv show comes out.

  2. little teacher says:

    Wait…isn’t that how ugly muppets were first invented! (I needed a brake light replaced on my car Saturday and my “shade tree mechanic” was having lots of problems so I Googled it and he watched the video of a WOMAN changing the bulb. Priceless!) Love and prayers

  3. […] Later, R confessed that he really liked how that shirt fit him. Whoops. I offered to stitch it up a la his blue shirt written about here. […]

  4. Tyann says:

    Best know for hand sewing:
    Take the threaded needle and wrap the very end of the thread around it mid-needle, so there is maybe a cm tail between the eye of the needle and the three wraps are near the point. Hold the wrapped bits between thumb and forefinger while you pull the needle and thread through the wrapped parts. It will knot at the end. It’s magic. Only probably not.
    More instructions here:

  5. […] you remember my last attempt over at Cue The Banjo? It was like a scene from Nightmare on Leftover Shirt Street and I was Freida Kruger. Except, I […]

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