Ode To My Ankles

Oh, ankles. You were my body’s crowning joy. The one part I didn’t have to worry about…. the one part that stayed shapely despite all those Snickers Sonic Blasts.

We’ve shared many memories together….

like our time cooling off in waters, fresh & salty alike…

or when you made your stylish debut with highwater pants. Everyone I applauded your confident strut amongst fellow ankle-covering compatriots.

But as I see your end drawing near, let me write a last heartfelt epitaph for you.

Oh! Let me count the ways I’ll miss you, my dear beloved ankle.

But first, I’ve got to run and tankle.

Sigh. Pregnancy.

5 comments on “Ode To My Ankles

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh, my dear, I know exactly what you mean. Although I think we’re all a little disappointed that you didn’t post a pic of your new chubby appendages.

  2. Susan says:

    Don’t worry! They’ll be back! They’re just a little “stressed out” right now…My ankles got HUGE at the end of my first pregnancy…my feet couldn’t even fit in my shoes (Yes, barefoot & pregnant)But all returned to normal…well, at least as far as my ankles are concerned…

  3. […] to. But only because I like my ankles. They’re my legs’ redeeming grace. I even wrote this poem to the loss of them during my […]

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