English Doorways to Goodness

For some reason I could not pull over my first post on our trip to the english countryside, but you can read it here: http://cuethebanjo.blogspot.com/2011/03/counting-sheep.html

Today, I’ve been musing over the various doorways and entrances on our vacation. Here are some we encountered:

The one, two, and hop! gate

The getting lost (and then found) doorway

Come listen to sonnets entryway

Bull in the field warning gate

Local pub beckons you door

Farm up ahead gate

The sign is wrong doorway

English garden entryway

Tower of London creepy corners

But my above all favorite:

Early morning sun on fields gate

2 comments on “English Doorways to Goodness

  1. Unc says:

    looks like fun to me …. I don’t see no stinking BULL?!?!

    Love ya, Unc

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