Glowing or T-Zone, you be the judge.

Wait, take that back. I’ll be the judge.

I can’t count the number of people who off-handedly have said, “Oh, you’re glowing!” or “Oh, she’s glowing!” or “Oh, that old lady is glowing!”

No, my friends. It’s just my t-zone. It’s been glowing since 7th grade.

Not this t-zone:

(photo courtesy of mando_gal)

Although, if camels can give me that kind of beauty, I’ll be the first one in the cigarette check-out aisle at Walmart.

This T-zone:

(drawing courtesy of a bad hairdresser. Or wait, is that in style? I never know.)

I would have to tweak this drawing a bit and spread the High area to include, oh, about my entire face, and apparently my hand as well.

Case in point:

On a side note, I think green skin would suit me rather well. I wish I could get sea-sick.

And just to prove that I did research both sides of the equation, when I typed in “glowing pregnancy face”, this image popped up:

(photo courtesy of someone desperate for a modeling gig. Hey, I’m not judging.)

Girl, I know your pain. But just keep on-a glowin’.

2 comments on “Glowing or T-Zone, you be the judge.

  1. Rochelle Lee Belly says:

    How do you look so beautiful even green?

  2. cuethebanjo says:

    Just trying to keep up with you, my friend! Loved your photos on the beach…

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