English Doorways to Goodness

For some reason I could not pull over my first post on our trip to the english countryside, but you can read it here: http://cuethebanjo.blogspot.com/2011/03/counting-sheep.html

Today, I’ve been musing over the various doorways and entrances on our vacation. Here are some we encountered:

The one, two, and hop! gate

The getting lost (and then found) doorway

Come listen to sonnets entryway

Bull in the field warning gate

Local pub beckons you door

Farm up ahead gate

The sign is wrong doorway

English garden entryway

Tower of London creepy corners

But my above all favorite:

Early morning sun on fields gate

Glowing or T-Zone, you be the judge.

Wait, take that back. I’ll be the judge.

I can’t count the number of people who off-handedly have said, “Oh, you’re glowing!” or “Oh, she’s glowing!” or “Oh, that old lady is glowing!”

No, my friends. It’s just my t-zone. It’s been glowing since 7th grade.

Not this t-zone:

(photo courtesy of mando_gal)

Although, if camels can give me that kind of beauty, I’ll be the first one in the cigarette check-out aisle at Walmart.

This T-zone:

(drawing courtesy of a bad hairdresser. Or wait, is that in style? I never know.)

I would have to tweak this drawing a bit and spread the High area to include, oh, about my entire face, and apparently my hand as well.

Case in point:

On a side note, I think green skin would suit me rather well. I wish I could get sea-sick.

And just to prove that I did research both sides of the equation, when I typed in “glowing pregnancy face”, this image popped up:

(photo courtesy of someone desperate for a modeling gig. Hey, I’m not judging.)

Girl, I know your pain. But just keep on-a glowin’.

BREAKING NEWS: Baby Bump Sighting Confirmed

Our investigative team has confirmed that Carolyn was spotted openly displaying her baby bump. For the past several weeks we’d heard rumors that she’s been wearing tighter fitting tops, sometimes tied in the back to accentuate said bump.

Yesterday was our first day to catch a glimpse. We had reporters staked out at what she calls The Shack, hiding between cows in the neighboring yard.

Carolyn walked blissfully unaware to The Shack holding letters of some sort. Could these have been from the mailbox? We’ll have our team stay an extra day to confirm that.

Before entering the house structure with a roof, she stopped to check out what we think was a killdeer’s nest. It’s believed that she really liked that darn bird and misses its “broken” wing.

[updated on Thursday 5/19 @ 4:11 pm] Sources have confirmed that the dress worn in yesterday’s sighting was not, I repeat NOT, the dress bought from Target. We’ve been informed that at Target’s dressing room, after trying on a dress, a five-year-old looked at her and said, “That old lady has the same dress as mom!” Carolyn seems to be recovering fine from the shocking news.

We sent our investigative team out to Carolyn’s work today to try and catch more sightings. One managed to hide in the teacher’s lounge.

But was instantly discovered.

Carolyn ran away trying to hide that humongous thing that we shall no longer call a bump. Rather the baby mountain. She seemed to really enjoy the nachos at lunch though.

Stay tuned for more breaking news.

My favorite part…

You know, I’d have to say there’s one thing that I get so darn excited about every spring.

Naw, it’s not filling up the hummingbird feeder, which provides us with so much entertainment at the Shack.

Or the recently installed horseshoe pits, courtesy of R’s garage sale find. We’re planning on hosting an important BBQ (if all goes well) in September, so these will come in handy.

No, I’d have to say my favorite annual celebration…

is the “Hanging of the Fly Trap”. When our baby is older, we’ll hold them up so they can hang the fly trap in this sacred and touching tradition. Forget foil-covered stars on christmas tree tops. It’s all about the fly trap for me.

Die flies.