Tub o’ Spuds

I was offered to split a 50lb bag of potatoes with a co-worker, not really knowing what 25 lbs of spuds really looked like. Let’s see, I said to myself… an average bowling ball weighs about 12 lbs, so put two of them together and there you go Carolyn! You can for sure handle two of those and get a 300 in the yummy meal league.

The potatoes were loaded by C into my car during the lunch hour. So when I plopped down into it at the end of the day, I wondered why exactly my body immediately tilted to the right.

Then I looked over at the passenger seat.

It was Attack of a Thousand Killer Spuds. And I was about to commit the fatal flaw of every female in a horror flick: sitting and screaming until they devoured me. Apparently I’ll have to eat my way out of this to survive.

Bring it on.

I took out 13 of them there taters to make twice-baked potatoes. Most of them to be frozen.

This is not for the faint of heart…

…or for people with OCD.

But if you can handle the war against killer potato innards, then forge ahead. You won’t be sorry.

Who could be with bacon, sour cream, and cheese. Pretty sure that’s the basis of happiness.

After all was prepped, I took one last glance at those little guys before their journey to the baked heaven.

3 pans of twice-baked potatoes and later, 3 more pans of french fries.

I’m sure I made a dent in the tub, right?




2 comments on “Tub o’ Spuds

  1. little teacher says:

    R to the rescue on this one. They used to decorate taters all the time in elementary school. They aren’t as seasonal as pumpkins and if the little tot doesn’t turn out cute it is so much easier to eat the evidence. Grab the glue gun, R, and wow her with your tuber talents!

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