(Fill in the blank)light

Most everything ending in light just hits the spot. Maybe not blacklight, though. It shows all the fuzz on my shirt and highlights my not-quite-white teeth.

My parents came into town this weekend and we took in a lot of them. Lights, that is.

Candlelight at the Shack.

Then sunlight brought an arts festival and neighborhood garage sales at which we girls found some real gems (more on that later)! We came back to mom & dad’s RV and drank some cold  Budlights, along with individually packaged frozen margarita pouches. On the back of them it was boasted “Great for while you’re on the go!“. Hmmm….

Later that evening, we sat around firelight and played trivia pursuit. I got about 1 out of 300 questions correct, and it was because someone else thought it was their turn and answered on accident.

Then we stared through the moonlight at constellations, helped by the app on my brother’s phone.

All in all, a good time. The only light thing that didn’t take place was my waistline. Chocolate icing and graham crackers, I love you.

2 comments on “(Fill in the blank)light

  1. Unc says:

    Margarita Pouches??? I’m jealous of that campfire, I miss bidding for position, out of the smoke! Hey, where’s Wilbur???

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