Last week we went over to some friends’ house to learn how to make…..


I was ecstatic. R was hungry.

I met L through her friend S. I tutored S in english grammar, U.S. history, etc. I use the word ‘tutor’ loosely because she was very advanced in learning the language.

S was also the one that suggested going to King Sauna in Dallas, but neglected to mention that I’d spend half the night naked amongst other women. You can click to read about that… here.

L’s husband laughed when I mentioned that little nugget of info and agreed that that might probably be the most important aspect to have told someone.

I think S was playing one on me.

So L laid out the ingredients, sliced for each roll’s individual flavor:

  • cream cheese
  • cucumbers
  • sprouts
  • avocados
  • spicy tuna
  • crab meat

And then she cut the seaweed wraps. My mouth was starting to water at this point.

I was close, so close!

After watching L make a a couple rolls, I gave it a shot. Her daughters were not impressed.

I got a little wild with the sprouts. It was like my hands could. not. stop. putting. on. sprouts. Everyone made a mental note which roll was mine.

And then I made R make one too. He gets kinda stressed out in the kitchen, so I figured it would be safer if he was in front of company while learning. If it were just him and me, he’d be huffing and puffing until I “put him down.” Or at least that’s what my sister called it when she put her kids to sleep.

We had a good conversation with L & K. L is also being tutored in esl and to hear her struggles with the language made me feel closer to her as I was going through a similar experience re-learning Spanish.

She is an extremely outgoing person, and to not be able to express herself easily, makes her sad. It’s almost like losing a limb, the inability to communicate well.

From the time I first met her until now, I have so much improvement in her conversational skills. I’m so excited to get to know her better and force her to be my friend. Her major in Korea was Pottery which means she’s a creative spirit and hopefully won’t find my oddities, well, odd.

But above all, we have a new item on the menu, now! (And it all comes back to food anyway, doesn’t it.)

2 comments on “Sushi

  1. Unc says:

    Truly good people are to be cherished!
    Aunt “S” says …yummmmmm!!

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