Can I have that piece of my ear back?

This is literally what we do almost every night during the week. Don’t be jealous.

N sits on one couch, I sit on the other… and we watch R try to beat Mike Tyson in Nintendo’s Punch-Out. It has become a very sad event to witness, R coming so close and then getting knocked out every time. He turns into Million Dollar Baby and won’t move until time for bed, he becomes so distraught.

Was that an inappropriate joke?

Anyway, N & I want him to beat Tyson just so he’ll quit obsessing over it and *we* can play some games. Like Dr. Mario or Goal.

You will know when R wins.  You’ll be able to hear him he’ll yell so loudly.

And, yes, we’ve finally hung those pictures leaning against the wall. The Shack is coming along.

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