This was a crowd pleaser with the roommates. I thought they were a bit too greasy, which is odd since for the longest time I had convinced myself that grease was an ancient magical substance passed down from one tribal medicine man to another. And then finally one medicine man went to college and shared it with everyone suffering from headaches early one saturday morning. And then the world calmed thyself.

[let’s all have a moment of silence for that wonderful substance]

But anyway, I still felt like these could’ve been dabbed a while longer with a paper towel. It was quite an easy recipe. Cabbage, meat, other veggies that i can’t think of right now, some oyster sauce and voila: the inside is complete.

I even saved some of the cabbage for our livestock outside. And then later read that cabbage gives them gas.

Well, suck it up and join the club, I say.

We don’t have a fry-daddy, so I just dipped them in some olive oil.

And presto! Here they are. I probably made 20 or so and they were gobbled up fast.

If you think about it, it’s basically kind of like a one pot meal. Just add a side of grease for dipping sauce, and you’re done!

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5 comments on “Eggrolls

  1. David says:

    I believe grease may actually be made in the forges of heaven, bacon being my personal favorite. The wife made eggrolls once and they were divine.

  2. Unc says:

    Those look WONDERFUL …but you said rolls, they appeared to be “folded” …… sorry!?!? BUT, you did say “ROLLS”!!! đŸ™‚ Love ya, Unc

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