Yes, we really are doing this.

Meet our newest family members. And, well, I guess I shouldn’t call them family because after this post you’ll think we’re the Donner party or something.

We’ve been trying to just jump into things, not necessarily without thinking, but without over-analyzing. Because, you know, R has analysis paralysis. He will read 1000 books before deciding to take the first baby step in doing things. I’m pretty much the opposite and so we came to a compromise in reading and then doing.

So. We’re starting to raise rabbits for meat.

I know. It sounds appalling and cruel to kill the Easter Bunny. But from what we’ve read, rabbit meat is the leanest meat out there. In fact, have you heard of rabbit starvation? Say you were out in the wilderness and all you could find was rabbit to eat, you could still starve to death. The meat does not have enough fat and calories to make up for all the energy your exerting to stay alive. Isn’t that crazy?

And yes, I do go into that whole schpeal every time I tell someone.

So we picked up the cages and two rabbits (a doe and a buck) from a girl my age who has been doing it for the past 3 years.

I loved her! She had a baby on one hip, flicked a huge wolf spider off the cage, and went into detail about [side whisper] the killing part of raising rabbits. I wanted to force her into being my friend if only to be my spider security guard. But alas, she is moving to another state… hence the need to sell her meat producers.

And with a big wave, she sent us off on our mini-mini-farm adventure.

When we got back to The Shack, we put the cages in its proper place and have spent the past couple of weeks just making sure we can keep them alive through this heat wave.

N has already placed a bet that I will have the future babies named and house-broken before they’re a week old. I must look at these guys as a food source. I must, I must, I must.

There’s also some other things happening to The Shack that I will share. Things that I, for one, am excited about. Learning through experience, that’s what we’re doing.

5 comments on “Yes, we really are doing this.

  1. Matt says:

    Can’t wait to try some….


  2. Etaoin Shrdlu says:

    New Zealand whites? Them’s good eatin.

    Ran into your blog quite by accident. As a former owner of an emergency food source (Flemish giant, about twice the size of your NZ’s) I can tell you that you’ll have no luck trying to kill the furry little varmints. Unless you really need to, of course — that’s what the “emergency” part of “emergency food source” means. Still, it’d have to be a pretty cold day in hell to get to that point.

    In my case, though, I just had to move to a new apartment, and my fuzzy little honeybunny couldn’t come too, so she’s in Iowa now, has four kids, and I’m a grandbunny.

    They’re sweet little critters, and I predict you’ll soon be giving them away as pets rather than putting them in a stewpot.

    • cuethebanjo says:

      LOL! Yes – I’ve been asked several times if I really think I could “go through with it”. And since I’ve already named the mom and dad rabbit, I’d best stay out of the picture when the time comes. Leave that to the manly men.

      I’m glad you’ve said you like the meat, I’ve heard mixed reviews!

      Thanks for your comment!

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