Wild Wild West

Have I mentioned how much I love our library’s bookstore? We’ve had to take out a second mortgage on The Shack to keep up with my addiction, but it’s been worth it.

And if my future kids don’t just curl up in a corner and daydream about the wild wild west after reading these, I don’t know.. I’ll throw a fit.

I mean, look at those embossed front covers!

And the wonderful colored pictures that just beckon you to step right through them to another century of lassos and Native Americans and ghost towns…

You just cannot put a price on these two-page photo spreads either. The books are full of them! …And for a buck a piece, I think I got a steal.


3 comments on “Wild Wild West

  1. P. W. says:

    Those books are lovely and looks as if they have not been handled much. On the cover of one of the books is the name William S. Hart. He was silent screen actor who lived up in the hills near Ventura. Last year, we visited his home and estate. It was very rustic and charming…loved nature and the old west.

    • cuethebanjo says:

      I know, right? They are in great condition. You would love them. I forgot to include on that is entirely focused on cowboys. Sigh.

      I didn’t realize that was the same person, I remember you telling me about your visit to his estate but couldn’t connect in my head who he was.

  2. Leslie says:

    We had a set of those books around the house way back when! My dad also had some of the Civil War set. It’s on my bookcase now if you ever want to see them!

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