Around the Shack

I’ve enjoyed exploring our piece of outdoors near The Shack. It can simultaneously calm and reinvigorate me.

Like the semi-canopied dirt roads.

Or the various moths and butterflies that circle me as I walk. (There is one house on the way that I swear keeps a coyote chained up in the front yard. Every time I pass, it groans out of agony for not being able to eat me alive. It would be my absolute last resort, but I’m not taking chances.)

Our small little graveyard.

Which is right next to a tree cemetery. This little grove has confirmed my belief that dead trees are just as beautiful as full, luscious ones. They’re like old, wrinkled faces… I wonder what they’ve seen.

And then scattered throughout are horses of varying colors. The white ones are my favorite.

But most importantly, and probably most simply, open space. I never tire of these views.

3 comments on “Around the Shack

  1. altonwoods says:

    Hello Carolyn!

    “Every time I pass, it groans out of agony for not being able to eat me alive.”

    Perhaps it’s merely a territorial issue,although the result could be the same…

    I live in SE Missouri so I’m a “rural” person as well!

    Enjoyed your work!

    • cuethebanjo says:

      Yes, you’re most likely right. And to be honest, it’s a joke that I even carry *anything*. I’d end up hurting myself the worst out of anyone/anything.

  2. Unc says:

    No pics of the “Pitbulls”??

    Moments on the front porch …very peaceful!

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