The Fourth, in Fast Forward

I don’t have nearly enough time. We have been busy moving, packing, playing cards, moving some more, packing some more, more cards and eating. In the middle of it all, we trekked down to Wichita to celebrate the fourth.

When I get back from a Regency-era adventure with my mom, I will sit down and write a proper blog post about the weekend.

Until then, here’s a snippet of our weekend:

Bus Tour

Barn Dance

Lake Swim

Car Stuck

And, yes, the car is still stuck in Wichita as of today. Didn’t even get to see a sparkler in action. Oh well, I got my barn dance in, so the weekend was still a success in my book.

I hear my parents on their way. A week in an RV with just the three of us.

Pray…. Hard.

2 comments on “The Fourth, in Fast Forward

  1. Unc says:

    Is that “N’s” car?? We were wondering if the weather hit you all down there too!! Good luck with the trip, sounds like fun!! (I’ll pray too!) 😉

  2. little teacher says:

    N’s dad found a window of opportunity between thunderstorms and the car is now free . Fireworks are rescheduled for this weekend if the rain stops. Bet there were a few “fireworks” on that muddy road. Do I see smoke coming out of N’s ears???

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