4 years, baby!

Ah, yeaahhh. 4 years. Can’t believe it.

I think I’ll make R watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight. That’s right. 4 years, baby.

I neglected to mention in last year’s post that about month before we were to be married, the roof of our chapel was blown off from a tornado.

Midwest, ugh.

I was sad, R sent me flowers at work (the first time ever — and can I say… so appreciated. No Hallmark law stating he should, just him knowing I was upset and sending an uplifting flower with a sweet note in my time of need. Loved it.),  and I started searching for a new venue. A church down the street offered to take the displaced couples and we had no choice.

But we still went to a service to see who we’d be working with.

They were pretty cool, for being children of the fricken corn.  As soon as the service was over, they turned with arms outstretched and moaning as if half-dead.

Looking back, who doesn’t want to get married in a Thriller video?

So we said yes, and that was that. Oh, if I had to do it over. We’d be in a field, me in a white cotton dress picking wildflowers down the aisle for my bouquet.

Oh well, maybe for our fifth. Right now, enjoy photos from my 3 yr anniversary right here.

While you do that, we will go out to eat with possibly a golf game included. Ta Ta!

3 comments on “4 years, baby!

  1. Becky says:

    Congrats!! Next thing you know it will be 10 years and you’ll go “how the hell did we get so old” and laugh about the parts of your body that no longer work like they used to. 🙂

    great pics of the wedding by the way.

  2. Egghead says:

    Congratulations! I love anniversaries and birthdays. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am loving yours and look forward to following your journey. Just so you know, you don’t seem to have a grey hair in your head in any of these pictures. Oh and I loved your wedding pictures especially the one that was taken through the blinds. Loved it!

  3. Unc says:

    SOOoooooo, where the pics from the hospital?? Happy Anniversary, love you two! Unc & Auntie Sue

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