Loose Lips Sink Ships

In grade school, we had to interview someone who either fought in or lived through WWII. I called my grandpa and asked him several pre-written questions.

I wish I had done that more often.

But I do remember him telling me that his brother (Dad – can you verify this?) was shot. However, because he was carrying a bible, it slowed down the bullet enough to not incur too many injuries.

I’d always wondered how plausible that story was.

And then, while I was staying with A, I saw this on her coffee table.

It is a metal cover designed specifically for soldiers during WWII and were put in their front shirt pockets to protect their hearts.

Is that neat or what?

2 comments on “Loose Lips Sink Ships

  1. Megan Navis says:

    That’s cool. The most precious thing I own is a book my grandma gave me where she filled out info about she and my grandpa when they were young, during WWII, after, and what they were like/who they were before they became my grandparents. I’m so glad I pestered my grandpa for WWII stories. I will never forget them. Your entry reminded me of how lucky I am to have had such amazing g-parents!

    • cuethebanjo says:

      Megan – you are so lucky to have that from your grandparents.

      I gave a book for my parents to fill out for THIER grandchildren, but they still haven’t done it. Argh.

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