Topeka Winery

I figure I might as well show you a teeny midwest winery in the heart of Kansas’ capital city before we start in on the big ‘uns. We had moved to Topeka in the early 90s and, let’s just say, it’s very pretty… at night. You know, when you can’t see as much. I feel the same about Wichita and, honestly, most of the bigger towns in Arkansas. Not much there for me to grab onto.

But look at this oasis!

We were in town for a wedding and Juice suggested we swing by here beforehand.

I mean, it even has a rusted-out knight.

The best part is the tiny cellar. You have to walk downstairs to the tasting area and take a photo with your friend, not realizing that the photo being taken was probably the last one before you quit dying your hair. You’ll look back on that photo with a sense of longing. I actually looked my age in it. Wow.

The guy working the counter was really excited to have visitors as it was only the second weekend open. He was eager to discuss the wine and let us try as much as we wanted.

A cute place if you’re in the area!

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