There’s been an update in the dorm room bedroom.

Yes, we are still sleeping in a loft bed a la an eighteen year old child in college.

But we didn’t feel we were utilizing all of the wall space possible.

These are the dorm room dressers before. We ended up selling the dark brown and keeping the white one. The trunk had been moved to the living room as a coffee table. We created a makeshift recycling center under the loft.

I’ve finally admitted that I am quick to sell items when I’m bored with them and then I replace immediately. Why not try to find another use for it and save money? For that reason, I kept the white dresser and moved it to a new resting place.

We bought a bakers rack and some storage boxes to fill up with both of our clothes. The rack fit perfectly in the corner next to the loft bed and opened up the room.

Plus, later, when we have real dressers (which at this point, getting out of this darn apt is a pipe dream), we can use the storage boxes for, dare I say, vegetable storage?

You know, right next to our dairy kitchen and north-facing cellar. Sigh. I want a mini-farm so badly.

Here’s the new home for whitey.  I’m not a fan of the detail on top of the dresser, so I hid it with the bread box. Not sure if it’s going to stay there, but I’m too lazy to move it right now.

I’m using this dresser for linens and blankets. And it has opened up the trunk to store less-used items.

Go Dorm Room!

2 comments on “Dressers

  1. Kate says:

    Were those Yaffa Blocks?! Holy cow…you really ARE going for the whole college dorm room look.

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