I was at a thrift store the other day and found some old popsicle forms. Man, I had to snatch them up!

These were the fancy kind with a little spout from which you could sip the drained juice.

So I ran to the store and bought some grape juice and filled those buggers up. If there’s one juice that instantly brings me back to my childhood, it’s grape juice.

Then I popped them into the freezer where they fit nicely amongst stew, chili, and vodka.


Later, I indulged in the fruits of my labor (literally), while watching Intervention.

Please do not look at the smudge marks on our computer screen. Thank you.

R and I need to be intervened on how we interact while taking photos. I asked for one measly shot of me holding the popsicle and this is what happened. It’s not pretty.

2 comments on “Popsicles

  1. hazel says:

    Carrie!! i love grape juice, it brings me back to my childhood more than any other as well!! I absolutely love popsicles, i get excited in the summer just walking down the frozen section..did i just type that? well anyhow you look really cute in all these pictures..your skin looks great girl!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m thinking next batch you should add some of that Vodka to your popsicles. Are our R’s related?! Anytime I ask to have my picture taken it’s a miserable disaster. Like the time I wanted him to take my pic at the Chesapeake Bay and when I looked at the picture I was a blurry mess on the far left corner of the picture while the buoy waaaaaay out in the bay was the “real” focus.

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