The Right Fit.

There’s not many things R obsesses over, but I do know of one: the right size of glasses for his face. That and blowing his nose. He’s always got a hankie nearby, which I found endearing the first couple years of marriage. But maybe that will change since his surgery?

At one point, though, he resorted to a facebook quiz to determine the correct fit.

Perfectly round, it said. And R was prepared to find them.

Um, no.

R’s family hates his glasses. So they’ll be happy that there might be a change in the spectacle department for Mister R.

Yes, this is what we get excited about nowadays.

Can’t wait to show you snippits from our trip! See you soon.

4 comments on “The Right Fit.

  1. Cop's Wife says:

    I have nothing to contribute here. But just thought I’d let you know that I have gone back to the beginning and am reading your blog from the start. It’ll take me a while. I’m currently on August 2008. Is that creepy?

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Actually I don’t hate R’s glasses. They’re not so bad. But, as the Scarlet Pimpernel says…”Nothing is ‘so-bad’, as something that is ‘not-so-bad’ .” But seriously R… I mean really, they’re fine. Really.

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