Travel Map

This map haunts me. Because of that, it drives R nuts, even though it was his idea to copy this idea from his brother.

We’d mounted the map onto foam core and waited the appropriate number of days until Hobby Lobby’s frames came on sale. Then we framed it, hung it on the wall, and have been staring at it every day for the past six months.

It. is. torture.

If it had been just a plain ole framed map, it would’ve been no big deal. But we put pins in it. And those pins have meanings.

  • Orange: Where R has traveled
  • Yellow: Where I have gone
  • Purple (K-State pride): Where we both have traveled
  • and the clincher, White: Where we want to go

Sigh. If it were up to me, the entire map would’ve been a sea of white. But I edited my choices to a select few.

I’ve been staring at the Peru pin for the last few days because I found tickets to Lima round trip for $222. Can you believe that? But it falls during the school year (which equals no time off). Plus, logistically speaking, we could not have made it to the Inca Trail and back in just three days. And believe me, I researched every detail from every angle. Maybe four, if you were pushing it and ran on a tight schedule.

R even hung a carrot in front of me asking if the deal landed on a holiday (it could have been the pain killers talking). And of course it didn’t. So, I’m chalking this one up to patience. And boy do I need some.

I research trips probably once a day. Am I addicted? And I’ve seen the show, people, I know the drill. If any of you invite me to a hotel room to “talk”, I’m not coming.

Oh, you white pins. How you laugh at me.

5 comments on “Travel Map

  1. Cop's Wife says:

    I may steal this idea, too. I have a secret (ok, not anymore) account on where I squirrel away little bits here and there for some big future trip.

  2. I so very much feel your pain.

  3. Jessica says:

    My mom gave me one of these travel maps for Christmas, and we’ve been trying to figure out how we will color coat the pins. I think mine will be a see of white, too! If Japan is on your list, you have a free room!

  4. amy says:

    i’m stealing this idea!!! i have 5 destinations that i will visit by age; well let’s just say within 4 years.

  5. Tony says:

    oh man–rochelle has the travel itch bad. i hear things all the time like “we haven’t been out of the country in over a year!” and i’m like “tampa didn’t count? that was pretty crazy.” and she’s like “dude we ate at bubba gump’s”

    so, you two should hang out and ruin all our lives.

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