Black and White Play

Another interesting outing we had in Dallas was attending a black and white play, done in a 40s type style. The director (and main character) has made this his signature style.
Can you believe this? I was extremely impressed.

Thank you R for getting me interested in plays. Yes, you heard that right.. R did.

I used to require a song & dance to keep my attention, but R’s not too crazy about those broadway shows (although he will sit politely through one). He does like plays, however, so I’ve been mixing them in to appease his taste. And now I’m really enjoying them too.
At intermission, you could fill out who you think committed the murder, throw it into box, and hope to win a prize.
The director played a bumbly, rambling detective who shows up in all of his plays.
At the end, his wife brought out the forms to pick a winner… and the burst of red was such a nice surprise against the backdrop and other characters.

But the weird part was seeing them after the show. You’d think that after the lighting was taken away, the characters would look completely superficial.
It was like walking out to a row of dead people. And so I of course had to get a photo with them.

This is the tannest I’ll ever look. Let’s all savor it.

Thank you.

4 comments on “Black and White Play

  1. erin says:

    Wow, that is a really cool concept. I wonder if I can find something similar in KS??

  2. Cop's Wife says:

    Oh Rolyn, you’ll look very tan standing next to me. I look not unlike those folks in the play (only I’m not wearing gray make up.)

  3. Ashley says:

    I’ve never heard of a black and white live production – that is neat! Would love to see that!

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