I’m copying Ashley and listing my goals for this year as well. Already, I’ve broken one of them today when we got lost a couple hours ago, but am now hyper-sensitive to it.

1. Quit cussing. Especially when lost. Although a nice F-bomb really does make you feel better every once in while.

2. Do one round of Power 90. I have a good 1.75 hours before having to pick up R from work. Why can’t I squeeze this in?

3. By eliminating those almost 2 hours of free time, it will help me spend LESS TIME ON THE INTERNET. Because we watch TV on it, email through it, write my blog with it, ugh… too much time. Setting a reading goal every month will help as well. I can’t decide to set the goal by number of pages or number of books.

4. No Coke. And by coke, I mean all of those sweet carbonated beverages. Growing up, we never drank it, why am I addicted to it now? R gave it up for all of last year and spent the past two days getting refill after refill in celebration. My mouth was watering. It sucked.

Side Note: Is ‘sucked’ considered a cuss word? If not, I may add it anyway. Along with ‘crap’.

5. Use a wider vocabulary: That’s crap -> That’s rubbish.  This sucks -> This vexes me.

6. Spending an hour each morning praying and reading the One Year Bible. All I have to do is get up an hour earlier.

3 comments on “Resolutions

  1. Tony says:

    "All I have to do is get up an hour earlier." This vexes me.collier-franco double date night in the next 7 days. i have an olive garden gift card burning a hole in my–wherever it is. huh, where'd i put that?

  2. Carolyn says:

    yes! a double date would most definitely NOT be rubbish.

  3. nerdyapplebottom says:

    I'm always on the fence about crap and sucks. I guess I don't want my kids saying it so I would have to consider it a bad word. And I say do your reading by the book. Easier to keep track of. Plus set it low, like 2 books a month and then you can squeeze long ones in there if you want.

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