Candlelit Singing

R finally set up a double date with his co-worker. It took only 2 months, but that’s okay. I felt like I had already been on a date with them (or at least his wife) when we watched her perform in a local play.

A thespian! A real life person, that I can actually touch and feel, who appreciates productions & art as much as me.

I didn’t need to explain during the choir performance why certain notes made my throat hurt, or feel self-conscious for just barely holding back tears throughout others.

She got it. And that made me happy.

At the end of the concert, candles were passed around. R lit mine and I felt united with him for a moment.

And then the congregation sang Silent Night together.
All in all, a great date night. Not to mention the cheap white wine I brought over to their house. That’s right, just keeping it classy.

But one other thing made me smile that night: finding a new song in which to indulge. Laudamus Te by Mozart. When the harpsichord starting playing, my heart lept and I thought, Oh my gosh.. is this Mozart?? But if you read the comments below, I was way off. This was not Mozart, but Vivaldi. Thank you, Hazel.
Note to self: Learn that the name written in a choir concert program is probably for the lyrics.

Below is Laudamus Te sung at the concert. These aren’t the two girls who actually sang it. No, they were left in a pile of ashes after my eyes burned envy into them. Too beautiful, they were.

But this is still wonderful.

2 comments on “Candlelit Singing

  1. hazel says:

    this song is beautiful Carrie, thanks for sharing..this is by Vivaldi there a Mozart one? i'm just confused and trying to find it..;(

  2. Carolyn says:

    You know what? You're right. Like the intro to that youtube video didn't directly say that. I'm dense. But there is a mozart version:

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