A child was born.

In the form of my first official knitted fabric swatch.

Jesus was born too, but I’m sure He would’ve appreciated blue yarn more?

Proud Mom.

I’ve spent the past two saturday mornings at a little shop in the fayetteville square. Both days have been cold and overcast. Perfect days for this activity.

Once in the store, I would run to the back and grab a seat at the old wooden table. This time the group was already there. A group that included a chatty woman, a defensive woman, a bubbly woman, and a weird quiet woman that reminded them of the girl on the Breakfast Club. You know, the one that would shake her hair onto black paper to make snowy craft projects?

That’s me. But I’m starting to prefer to be the quiet one. They’re the scariest in the group, I think, because … they’re listening. Someone who would actually listen to anything I say instantly ups the fright ante.

This is the chair I try to grab each class. I’ll knock someone over if I have to. I’ve been debating about offering money for it. I’d like it for my future dining room table.

I’d take the cat too. She wanders around the table playing with our needles and rolling yarn balls back and forth.

Can this class get any more picture-perfect?

3 comments on “A child was born.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Carrie! Now, learn to knit in a circle so you can teach me.

  2. Shelly says:

    Loving the pink, super job. In love with the chair. When you get it, give me a call so i can try it out.

  3. mengi34 says:

    Good for you! Teach me! I made one scarf one time and have completely forgotten everything about knitting since then!

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