Butter, please.

..and I guess a few walnuts with phyllo dough.

Gotta love baklava. No pictures were obtained of individual pieces due to them having been promptly eaten (by me) during the plating process.

On another note, would you like some insight into how a one-car family enjoys below freezing weather?
  1. Well, they tend to walk out to find their one-car’s doors frozen shut.
  2. With some jiggling, they normally manage to get the passenger door open.
  3. Said one-car takes a few minutes to get to a freezing temperature (you know, as opposed to below-freezing) as they drive to work.
  4. Upon arrival, passenger tries to open the door only to find they are both frozen shut, trapping owners within.
  5. It is quickly realized by both driver and passenger that no amount of jiggling will open the doors.
  6. Driver of the car then rolls down and climbs through the window.
  7. He/She walks to the passenger side and jiggles the door open for passenger.

…and repeat.
Is this the so-called character building part of my life?

5 comments on “Butter, please.

  1. Bruce L. Snell says:

    Reminds me of a Pontiac Bonneville I had in 1983 that required the application of starting ether each and every time you wanted to start the engine. Did make a cool sort of torch/jet shooting out of the top of the carburetor when turning the ignition.

  2. Cop's Wife says:

    I had a LeBaron (no, not a convertible) in high school. For a while the fan would keep running after shutting off the ignition. It would run until the battery died. So I had to either let that happen and get jump started, or I'd have to pop the hood, unplug the fan, walk away, and reverse the process when it was time to drive again. Annoying. However, it was in Southern California so I wasn't cold.

  3. Dessa says:

    Ah man, I feel your pain…and that does indeed sound painful. Hey, if you are into such things, I have tagged your blog for a holiday survey thingy. If interested you can find it here: http://heartsease-hollow.blogspot.com/2009/12/ive-been-taggedfor-holiday-survey-no.htmlHope your holiday season is warm and wonderful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you leave it in the garage, it's not that bad! đŸ˜‰

  5. Carolyn says:

    I think once a 97 Honda Civic is considered a retro, I'll continue to shake my head in these scenarios.Anonymous – I'm not liking you OR your warm garage right now. sigh.

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