Rainy Day

Not too long ago, we spent a rainy day in what we like to call our ‘candy store.’ Books organized haphazardly on rows and rows of shelves.

Nothing frilly. Just strips of white paper taped to wooden boxes marking which section you were looking through.
I have been on a diary kick lately. Interested in historical journals… and found a great one highlighting the women on the Oregon Trail. Mmmmm.. I could’ve slurped that one up for dessert. It was so insightful and interesting.

I hope you enjoy your rainy days!

One comment on “Rainy Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh…these pics are great. Don't you just want to dive into the pile of books on that table and randomly pick one? I saw an 1870 diary at an estate sale for $170. I was most impressed by her cursive.

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