Look at my birthday present! It rang the doorbell and patiently waited for me to answer it.


If you don’t remember, I found this lil guy on the front lawn of a house. It was sad and ripped and broken, but I loved the lines. It was taken to a reupholster in town and quietly stored in their barn while I sold a couple organs on the black market to pay for it.

But little did I know that behind my back, R had contacted them to move forward with the process…as long as they had it done by today (pssst, my birthday).

I’m not big on presents, I’d rather *do* something than *receive* something, but this was just so unexpected and over the top (for me). Plus, you all know how I like my trash to treasures.

R’s a treasure, too. I’ll keep him.

4 comments on “Squeal!

  1. mengi34 says:

    LOVE IT! Happy Birthday:) The big 2-9?! Yay – 2-9 forever!

  2. Bruce L. says:

    Happy birthday! Great chair.

  3. Stephanie says:

    How sweet…. Happy Birthday!

  4. Carolyn says:

    thank you guys! Cheers!

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