I’m sure this post will too…

I’ve started tutoring an ESL student a couple days a week after work. It’s only until you’re talking with a foreign speaker that you realize how many idioms you use in not just a day, but a conversation.

As I was flipping through my notebook today, deciding on a tongue twister to practice tomorrow (maybe Peter Piper?), I re-read a page from last week. There were three phrases on the paper meticulously written out for her to copy. They had been used just moments before writing, as it dawned on me that she may not know their meaning.

And with just these three lines, you can easily tell how our conversation went:

“to have ______ down.” or “to have [got] ______ down [pat]”.

regarding conversation starters “to get your foot in the door”

and finally…

“my joke bombed”

… ah, i can only laugh at myself. even if no one else will.


we are having internet troubles right now, so you may be forced to read posts sans photos for a few days. I’ve had some interesting things happen lately (with photos), so this will be tough.

plus, i still need to do part two of the grand canyon. chomping at the bits, here.
try explaining that one to a student.
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One comment on “I’m sure this post will too…

  1. Wagner says:

    I've noticed that here in England too and we speak the same language! I said something about Chase being so hungry that he inhaled the crackers and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well. Thanks for your sweet comments on our pictures!

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