Around the dorm…

Thought I’d give you a tiny update on my decorating is coming along in the dorm aka our current living situation. A couple items have joined our family and I love them to pieces.

I wanted a way to display the postcards I’ll be collecting and found this diner ticket holder. It’s not vintage. In fact, it’s brand new and, I don’t know why, but that always kinda makes me ill. Not that I have anything wrong with new things, I’m just a bit… competitive? Even with prices. Could I have found this at a garage sale, an estate sale, on ebay?

So until I find more postcards, I’ve intermixed some of my favorite photos that will change periodically. I love how, in the photo above, the woman’s husband is gazing down at her while she plays the piano. I wonder what song she’s playing. Is it fast? Slow? Fluffy? Gritty? Look at the candle holders attached directly to the piano!

And then the one below. Sigh. This was probably me in my past life. I always end up having my photo taken at the most inopportune moments. I mean, let the woman get up first. Jeez.
The rest of the photos I’ve thrown into a wire basket in case anyone (me) wants to dig around for awhile. I notice something new every time I pick one up.

In other areas of the dorm, I’ve finished my pan/wine bottle/glass holder section. Can I say how unashamed I am that I completely stole the idea of housing wine glasses in a box? So unashamed. I saw it here and thought it would be a perfect solution.
As we wandered an antique store, I found this box for 5 bucks, tucked it under my arm, and dove for the register. Get out of my way people! I have glasses to put in here.

The photo in the frame is actually one of an old-coworker’s cards that she now sells at arkansas state parks. I was cheering her on as she marketed her passion to park directors.
Get-up was a soda company back in the 1930s. How cute are the bubbles around each letter? And the original nailing in the metal around the handles.

Slowly but surely. Things are coming together.

2 comments on “Around the dorm…

  1. Anonymous says:

    ooooo….i'm going to steal the wine glasses in an old vintage box idea.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Me too! I LOVE this idea! -k

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