I kind of cheated with this first recipe, since I knew no stove burners nor oven sheets would be needed. Here’s the recipe. I modified it by removing the onion since R will not even sit in the same room as one. He can tolerate a green pepper, but just barely.

Just so we’re clear here, I’m no chef. But I like to cook, so you do the math. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t add up.
I lovingly placed all the ingredients out and bookmarked the Gazpacho page.

Then I started the prep work. We’ve been replacing out our knives little by little and currently do not own a chef’s knife. It’s been killing me, so I’ve had to make do with our serrated one…dragging instead of chopping.

The recipe said you could dice up the veggies or use a blender. I chose the blender, but later regretted it. The soup came out too pulpy. But this is purely your preference…I’m an extremist with soups… I want the soup creamy or I want crunchy bits. Nothing in between. And this was definitely in between. R, on the other hand, enjoyed the texture.

I poured the soup into a bowl and added the parsley. Does the parsley look chopped? Because it wasn’t. Chef’s knife just got added to my store list.

I think I’ll also add a new camera to that list too. If you didn’t read the title, would you have thought I was making chilli? I swear I had every light on too.

I had doubled the recipe to freeze some for later and used our extra ice cube trays to store the rest of it. If I want some later on, I can just pop out how ever many individual ice cubes I need and put it into the fridge to defrost. If it were a hot soup, then straight into a pot to reheat.

R broke our rule of not buying bread and brought home some french bread. Oh, it was so good. Threw in some ice cubes for an extra swirl of cold in your mouth, and there you have it. Gazpacho! My first Joy of Cooking recipe. Yes!

5 comments on “Gazpacho

  1. Stephanie says:

    Was it good enough to recommend?

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hmmm Good question, Steph. You know, I *would* recommend it. It was a nice change. I'd add the onion, slow down on the parsley, and maybe add a bit less of oil. It tasted fresh and clean, which I was grateful for during the summer heat wave we had this week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question (imagine Dwight from the Office holding one finger up…), what kind of parsley did you use? By the pic it looks like the curly leaf parsley, flat leaf parsley might work better…it's got a really fresh taste, I don't think you can have too much! Just a suggestion, and disregard if you used the flat leaf variety! -K

  4. Carolyn says:

    K,You are right! I was even going to mention that in the post too. Our grocery store (stop the presses) does not carry flat leaf parsley!!! I had made a mental note to gripe about that which I promptly forgot as soon as I saw the not so beautiful photos. Okay, so the next time I'll keep the same amount, change out the type. Got it.

  5. JessHart27 says:

    I LOVE gazpacho. Barefoot Contessa has a great recipe on the Food Network's site. I absolutely love it. It's easy and delicious!

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