Good days…

Like I mentioned, I stayed with my friend K for a few days. She has a newborn baby and so I wanted to help out with what I could. I tell you what, the day positively flies when you stay at home. This was a glimpse of what my future might hold (don’t read into that. I’m not pregnant.)

Riding off into the…
First off, 24/7 of cowboys. After introducing me to his imaginary horse, Jack, I made the mistake of asking J if we were standing in front of his cowboy ranch. He scoffed at me and said, “No. Cowboys don’t have homes. They roam.” Ah, rookie mistake #1, Miss Carolyn. Know your cowboy facts.

I should’ve given history lessons on the Nazi regime based on my “red light” stance.
I spent a good 5 minutes explaining Red Light/Green Light, only for them to green light it out of the yard. Rookie Mistake #2: Do not go into a history lesson of Red Light/Green Light. Learn how to hold a 4 year old and 2 year old’s attention.

The light is flashing! Hurry, hurry! Now look natural.
K and I reminisced about college days during a walk on campus. Rookie Mistake #3: When using a stroller, for gawd’s sake, use the handicap button to open the door. Remember, you are not graceful.

Our college exercises: Bend, two, three, hold, two, three, four… up, two, three, four.
Good job! Reward yourself with skittles!
You saw one of my college memories in a previous post. So K reenacted her routine in between spanish classes. If anyone from KSU reads this blog, she just might get a few more Facebook friend requests. We don’t think many people would recognize her in any other position. Rookie Mistake #4: Not recognizing K until downloading this photo.

She done picked a good ‘un, that thar sh’did!
And lastly, getting to know little C’s ornery side. A lot can happen in a year (which I can’t believe is the last time we saw them.) She’s a quiet one, but watch your back! Rookie Mistake #5: Asking kids to give you their sweet faces for the camera. Just one.. C’mon.. just one!

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