Let’s just hit up a pub instead, shall we?

I love magazines. Did you know that? Love them. It’s such a treat to get something other than bills and promotions in the mail. One of my favorites is Budget Travel. Every month they have a trip giveaway with the best travel story. So, I’m giving it a shot. Even if I don’t win, it’s still a good story to be shared. Here it is (cross your fingers — and your eyes, it might be funnier that way — I have a word limit):

My friends and I recently went on a road trip through Ireland’s countryside. One morning, we skimmed through our guidebook for the next stop to make and decided on an ancient tomb north of Dublin. According to the book, you had to swing by a little old lady’s house just south of the tomb to pick up an entry key. We drove around and around looking for this house and after finally finding it, our friend T jumped out to pick up the key. He didn’t make it far. The big black dog that now guards the little old lady’s house from ill-informed tourists cut him off with a growl… and a chase. We never made it to the tomb, but T made it back to the car. And, to us, that was just as impressive.

Travel tip: Bring an updated guidebook. And learn how to run….fast.

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