Better late than never

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in getting stuff ready for the move that I never acknowledged Father’s Day last week. Hope you had a good one, paps. Here’s some tidbits of my dad that you may (or may not) know already….

He’s a spender (our favorite memory is when he bought each of his four children their own large coke and large popcorn at a movie. my mom was furious at the expense.); he’s shy, but covers it up by being extra loud; he laughs from his belly; he likes to plan routes and to show you them on a map; he appreciates new experiences; he gets excited to travel; he will never let on that he doesn’t know something and, instead, will respond with “well, sure!” as if what was said were common knowledge; he jumps right into projects (apparently that’s where I get it); he won Div II basketball championship his junior in college; when on the phone, he doodles arrows over and over; he is dependable and sturdy; but one memory i distinctly have is when he allowed me to come home from college with my, ahem, extreme opinions and said that it was good for me to start forming my own beliefs, even though he disagreed with them. Or some version of that. I draw on that memory when I envision myself raising kids. I want them to think for themselves, but I want them to be able to defend their thoughts too. A belief weighs only as much as the foundation that supports it. So thanks, Dad… I hope you had a good Father’s Day!

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