Mountain Cruiser

Is it weird that I have a basket on my mountain bike? It’s an attempt to squelch any temptation to buy a beach cruiser. Even though I want one…. badly. I can’t seem to justify having three bikes in the house and we’re riding in a race this fall that requires a mountain bike. Be patient, Carolyn. 

I’ve never been a big bike rider before, but I’m starting to really appreciate it. Especially since it’s not running. I’ve got a lingering volleyball knee injury which causes discomfort, but probably the real reason I’m moving away from running is I’ve yet to buy an iPod (crowd collectively gasps..) It’ll happen soon, I’m just too too cheap at the moment. 

Anyway, I took the new basket out for ride to pick up some groceries and ended up stopping at garage sales along the way. Maybe if I quit going to garage sales I could justify an iPod (or three). Nah. I mean, take a look at those two chairs in the photo. Classic Eames style (one of my favorites). Got them for a buck each – no joke – and my mom reupholstered them. If I could only find an iPod at a garage sale…. now that would be perfect.

2 comments on “Mountain Cruiser

  1. Anonymous says:

    Biking is better for your "knee health" than any other exercise!! Mine is going to the shop next week!Unc

  2. Carolyn says:

    Your knee or your bike? If it's your bike, we should bring our bikes on a camping trip. Hermann?

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