3 years….

R and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday. Some people say it flew by, but we don’t think it did. And we don’t mean that in a bad way at all. We have been busy stretching, growing and molding ourselves. And with two strong-willed and loud people, that can be difficult. This past year has been the turning point, though… where we have started to put our focus on God more and each other less, thus slipping into a role better suited for each other. We haven’t changed our personalities or have tried to smother our quirkiness. We’re still strong-willed sometimes and loud most times, but now there’s another layer to us. One that has enriched the rest of our being. We continue to cultivate that layer, gently watering the seeds to flower into the type of spouses we’d like to become, but we’ve already seen small changes.
Good changes.
So on wed night, we spent the majority of  it snipping off those flowers conversationally, putting them in our hair, and admiring each other’s beautiful journey.
One of my fellow bloggers went through her wedding day and so I thought I’d do the same. No one probably knows this because I try to hide it well, but, sometimes I don’t like attention on me. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’m sure we’re all that way. To be specific, I don’t like when it’s required to pay attention to me. I’d prefer to slip into the background and then pop out into the light every once in awhile. So, unlike most brides I’m sure, I was not entirely comfortable on this day. Not nervous about getting married, just nervous about eyes looking at me. 

So I took a deep breath, and braved a smile….

We had an early wedding because our reception was going to be at a park in the afternoon. I also wanted it to be small (less eyes.) So after our two-minute ceremony — no, you think I’m kidding. One of R’s friends showed up 5 minutes late and it was already over — we went back to the hotel to change into some sundresses and shorts. 

My maid-of-honor and sister, L. This photo made us laugh out loud for about 10 minutes straight. We love how it looks like she’s about to go tumbling down the stairs. My other sister, A, was my bridesmaid
R’s brother was his best man. We were thoroughly impressed with his speech. L’s was really good too, she referenced a memory and at one point held her finger in the air, just like how we wewers girls do. But N’s surprised us. We for sure thought he would go funny and maybe a bit brash, but no. He was all serious and heartfelt. 

I swear, there’s nothing like going bra-less and wearing flip-flops at your reception.

So we had our reception at the park. R was insistent that if we invite kids that they have a place to play. If we had had it a hotel, for instance, he wanted to hire a lifeguard to watch them all swim… or something like that. We found a place that had a wood deck, lots of space, and a little playground next to it. We were pleased. The weather was also beautiful. Breezy, sunny, and mild. 
I launched my bouquet like I thought it was a grenade. Maybe it was, because my bro-in-law’s (now) ex-girlfriend ended up catching it.

Why am I in a fourth position plie? 
We not only wanted a playground for kids to play, but also games for the kids-at-heart.

Some football…

Some water balloons…
And, of course, a whiffle ball game going. That was R’s dream for some reason.
P.S. Bruce Snell was the photographer for my wedding. We’ve kept in touch through his current blog. Swell guy and fantastic photographer. His blog is listed on the right. He actually just shot the wedding of a guy with whom I used to work. Check it out if you get a chance. You’ll be impressed, guaranteed. 

3 comments on “3 years….

  1. Bruce says:

    Hey Carrie! Great post and thanks for the mention.As a side note, just thought I'd share that I too went bra-less at my own wedding reception!-Bruce

  2. JessHart27 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love that your wedding was unique, and it seemed like it was a blast.

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