All dressered up

I’m re-doing our bedroom. No big deal right. The catch is I’m re-doing it into an all white/cream room, save our favorite chest at the end of the bed. That will be the only brown in sight. That’s a pretty crazy goal coming from a spiller. No, I spill everything. At one point, my brother-in-law would make bets to see how long I’d last before spilling something. We’ll see. It may end up being an all white with red/orange/blue splotches room. What do I drink that’s blue?
Here’s the dresser when we first bought it. You can’t see them, but the entire top was covered with water stains. I like the feet. The little bow-thingie on the top is a bit fru-fru for me, so I’ll have to add something masculine to offset that. Otherwise, a pretty solid piece. Thank you, Craigslist.

So I was googling around for ways to paint furniture, when I happened on a blog that gave a quick tutorial. You can find that tutorial here. Does anyone remember that cool yet creepy ‘Pet Cemetery’ sign on I-70 going towards KC? Well, the lady who writes this blog lives on that property. Isn’t that ironic? Speaking of cemeteries, do you know an easy way remember how to spell it? “What’s the sound you make in a cemetery? Eeeeeee!” Okay, I’m a grammar freak. One time at a Christmas party with some friends, we spent probably a good 30 minutes arguing the best way to say something. We even phoned-a-friend (family members) to set us on the right path. I can’t remember what we were debating, but boy was it heated. Forget politics, subject/verb agreement is the new hot topic.

But I digress. I followed the painting directions (which made my husband proud — apparently I just jump into projects with no plan most of the time?) and it came out…..alright. I was heavy on the brown glaze and so it almost looked a little too pre-fabricated. It didn’t look like it had aged naturally.

Besides, I want the overall details of the room to be subtle. Many different patterns, but all the same shade, so you aren’t overwhelmed by it all. That being said, I painted it again all in one color and I’m really pleased. You can still see the details, but it’s not shouting at you from across the room. After I paint the end tables, I’ll show the whole room in it’s entirety. I’m liking it so far!

2 comments on “All dressered up

  1. mengi34 says:

    …just to relive the argument, we decided it could be either my favorite IS the grapes OR my favorite ARE the grapes. Right? I still have to go with ARE…wait, was that even the debate, I’m thinking it HAS to be ARE?? oh jeez, now I don’t remember.

  2. Carolyn says:

    but wouldn’t you be referring to your favorite *thing* which is singular and then you’d put ‘is’. I’m done. I think it was agreed that both ways were okay, right? RIGHT? i won’t be able to sleep tonight.

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