A Weekend Outdoors, Pt 2

Okay, just thinking about this post wears me out. Here’s an overview: we left at 11am for a leisurely bike ride and didn’t make it home until 3:30pm. Ouch.

I had read a while back that the next town over had some good trails and since we were only a couple miles away, we went for it. Didn’t realize we’d have to snuggle up to cars on extremely busy roads, who were surely shaking their heads at us for not wearing helmets. R abhors helmets. Come to think of it, we never wore them growing up either. Well, this ride scared him enough to detour off and buy some at Tarjay. You can barely see it off in the distance. On the plus side, as we were riding towards the store, we passed an entrance to one of the trails.

After we were properly secured, we started off — Curving through woodsy areas, breathing in honeysuckle, enjoying the sunshine….

…and all of a sudden, you’re right by Wally-World. How did that happen? Oh well, at least we have helmets on. The ironic thing is, almost every person we passed did not have on helmets. That made R turn around and shake his fist at them & then try to throw his into every creek we passed.

At one point, we got lost (note to self: research trail routes before actually getting onto bike.) and I watched R merge right into one of the busiest streets in Northwest Arkansas. I managed to veer off to the right before I did the same, and couldn’t help taking a photo of him trying to get back to safety. I could hear him yelling at me to not take a photo. Neener-neener.

As we blew by an open field (ah, there’s nothing like going downhill as fast as you can), I caught sight of a flower. It’s one that was in my wedding bouquet so I had to take a snapshot. I was kind of dismayed to see that it was amongst all weeds — hey, we were on a budget — but I loved it anyway.

We ate a picnic I packed and stopped by some waterfalls. I cannot describe how beautiful a day it was outside. If it had been any hotter, I think I would still be out somewhere on that bike trail, passed out in a field… but that cool breeze really helped push me along. I could hardly sit down Monday and Tuesday, but that’s okay, it was worth it.

How does my helmet look?

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