You just can’t win.

When R had his friend B visit, he brought down Nintendo games to play. Since golf was out of the question (thanks rain!) and we don’t have a TV, they came up with the idea of renting one for the night. They talked about it nonstop. So when we were out and about, they got lured in by the neon “open” sign of one of the only rental places in town. Turns out, they had closed a few minutes prior. I had never seen such a look of dispair on two guys before. 

2 comments on “You just can’t win.

  1. Amy says:

    i think this is the best picture & moment from the weekend (not counting meeting cake, of course).

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, and let’s not forget the final discovery. 3 month minimum rental. but renting for 24-hours could be a business idea…hmmm.amy lynn.

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