2 b or not 2 b, th@ is the ?

**previously recorded post**
Honestly, would Shakespeare write like that? My friend K and I were talking the other night of our worries that people will no longer know how to have conversations with people because of Facebook. (Although I personally cannot stand talking on the phone, so in that instance, it would be just fine.) We also touched on text symbols as well. IHNTTWTOSIAGTUAAFTWS… which means “I have no time to write this out so I am going to use an acronym for the whole sentance.” 

I stopped at a store the other day and saw this sign. It’s everywhere!

3 comments on “2 b or not 2 b, th@ is the ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is something that will probably annoy you.. sentance is spelled incorrectly =)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Argh!! That DOES drive me nuts. I’m so disappointed in myself.

  3. liz says:

    My sister Grace may be the worst culprit. I can hardly stand to read her messages!

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