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One of the first things I noticed in our new town was the hight percentage of taquerias. There were big ones, small ones, clean ones, dirty ones…all sorts. One of these nights, R and I will do a ‘taqueria crawl’ and try many in one night. I pass by one everyday on my way to work. At night, the lights are lit up which is an instant bonus with me.

This is part of our “downtown”. It’s one street of buildings badly in need of repair. And, of course, that’s why I like it.

And here it is. Taqueria. I don’t even know it’s real name. There are no seats inside. Just a little window and some chairs around the sidewalk. Homemade tortillas and simple flavoring of cilantro and lime. Very clean tasting.

R would have a heart attack if he got this plate. Onions are his nemesis and honestly, he probably wouldn’t eat this just because part of the onions touched the other ingredients. I try to modify recipes for him and so sitting down to something like this is heaven to me.

3 comments on “Taquerias

  1. Bruce L. Snell says:

    Looks delicious! Mexican food is a necessity of life for me. What town are you living in to be so lucky?-Bruce

  2. Kristy says:

    I don’t recommend a ‘taqueria crawl.’ Methinks it better to visit one per night for a while so that if you do fall ill from consuming food at one of them, you can more easily isolate the one which serves the bombs. Just a thought…

  3. Carolyn says:

    Ha! Thanks for the tip!Bruce — we’re close to Fayetteville, but really anywhere in NW Arkansas there are some good joints to find.

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