There he is…

…. the devil. Can’t you see it’s red eyes? But let me start from the beginning.

We slept in late on New Years Day. Some, ahem, later than others. One of them ventured out for a ten minute period around 10am and then dropped back into bed for another couple of hours. Meanwhile, the rest of us watched movies and ate bacon and muffins.

Around one o’clock, we finally convinced them that daylight was indeed not a bad thing and we all crept out under that bright gaseous orb.

We made a pit stop at McDonalds, loaded up with grease and sugar, and made our way to our destination: A drive-thru safari. Since two of our crew lost their legs dancing all night, this was a perfect way to enjoy the nice day and not over-exert ourselves.

It ended up being better than we thought it would be. It lasted about two hours and for the same price as a movie, we were able to get some air, some conversation, and some fleas. Two out of the three were really nice. It was the conversation that was lacking. It varied between screams, gasps, monotone responses, and burps.

I was the person screaming. And it was only when I met my friends, los diablos. These emus were everywhere. And they came out of no where too. One minute I’m enjoying a nice handful of fries…(which by the way, I had made the proclamation the night before that I would not eat in 2009. I lasted 12 hours)

...and the next minute, their beak is bumping the window next to me…. piercing me with their bright red eyes. They won’t leave you alone, either, until you throw holy water on it, or something like that. I don’t know, it was a blur.

We played chicken with bulls and became up close and personal with our mohawked zebra friend. A & R reached out to pet it when R lost his fingers.

B didn’t lose an appendage while petting the camel. But even if he did have a serious injury that day, I don’t think he would have made a noise. He probably would’ve used that as an excuse to take a nap.

A chased kangaroos and I let a baby monkey climb over me. This added two more years to my “wait to have kids” schedule.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up pizza and then watched movies in our makeshift theatre-seating living room. I think the rest of the crew was in small-screen shock, coming from homes that have triple the tv screen size. They were polite about it though and it ended up being really cozy. If R and I didn’t have to work that Friday, we would have forced them to stay longer, we had so much fun. Thanks for bringing in the new year with us!

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