Come see me at the Smithsonian!

R sent me an email a few days ago and the subject said “You wanna go to this?”. My eyes got huge b/c it’s normally me who researches places to death and then convinces him that we aren’t really living unless we go to them. So I opened it up and at first I was admittedly disappointed and then excited. I had set the bar high in my head: New York, Cancun, or maybe Austrailia? Nope, it was to a college a few towns away.

It’s a group touring the United States compiling a handwritten copy of the Bible. One person writes one verse each and then their name is indexed in the back. You have to write the same verse twice because one copy is being donated to the Smithsonian and the other will be used for resale purposes.

R was nervous that he would have to copy one of the Ten Commandments and then would forget to write the word ”not” in it, causing someone to really believe murdering is acceptable.

We decided to meet each other up there and by the time we got close, it was already dark. Mapquest failed to mention that a key street was closed, yet there was no detour showing the alternate way to get to the college. Now guys, there’s a few times in my life when I get cranky… okay more than a few, but these are the most common: when I’m hungry, when I’m lost, and when my hair feels greasy. Well, tonight I was all three. Those, coupled with my road rage, causes me to become a seriously mouthy sailor. I know that’s redundant. I’m making a point. A sailor would think I was mouthy. And that it was nighttime didn’t help, because then I know people can’t see my lips moving and so I can be as loud and obnoxious as I want.

But here’s the ironic part… Read the verse I had to write (Matthew 15:11.) I’m just sayin…

2 comments on “Come see me at the Smithsonian!

  1. Kristy says:

    lol. ha ha. I too have a mouth worse than my sailor BF. Irony indeed.On a separate, my “word verification” on here is “undes.” I read it undies, like underwear. Maybe it’s spelled undees. I don’t know. Not funny now, but I laughed then.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually “some” things that go into a mans’ mouth DEFINITELY make him unclean.(did I punctuate correctly)

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