Brilliant idea.

It’s moments like these I accept my role in society. The oohing & aahing of little things in life, appreciating the quirkiness of people, and eating cookie dough before it hits the oven. That role. But please, don’t allow me to follow through on ideas that start with “This is brilliant!” or if you’re able to read my thoughts — “Everyone will think I’m brilliant!” 

I was wandering the dollar store at my mom-in-law’s suggestion. Over Thanksgiving she mentioned that she bought her hot-chocolate there and after my third cup into which I dumped 2 (two!) packets of chocolate, I swore that would be one of my first pit-stops back in town. I grabbed the box (okay, boxES. jeez.) and milled around the bath salt aisle. Can’t beat a good rose-scented bath salt. Anyway, it was in this aisle that I spotted my genius plan. 

There were literally hundreds of these Magic Towels (“Place in warm water and watch it grow!”) packets. I quickly ruled out stocking stuffers, realizing that not everyone has my same level of excitement over random items. But then I started thinking of our trip in January. R and I are always trying to figure out how to pack lighter. Our goal is to bring one carry-on each. Well, isn’t this [aren’t I] brilliant? We will pack our magical towels and nurture them to life at the end destination.

And who can resist growing odd materials from water? I drove my arms into the basket like I was searching for the Double Dare flag and bundled as many as I could, went home and then immediately tested one. 

So I put it in the tub and although it resembled a moldy rice cake, I still was optimistic. 

It was only after it completely unfolded that I saw the mistake. Who will be the person to sew 10 of these 12-inch towels together so that I can run from the shared shower outside our hut while awkwardly making conversation with the other guests as I mentally analyze which part of my body is less than 12 inches wide so that I can do as much damage control as possible? Whew, I’m out of breath. But, no really… did I walk by the aisle with the Magic Towel Seamstress “Place woman in warm water and watch her grow, but please do not prick your hand on the needle”? 
Whatever we’ll do, the one thing I do know is… some family members are going to get some prett-y awesome stocking stuffers.

4 comments on “Brilliant idea.

  1. Anonymous says:

    did you think it was a bath towel?amy

  2. Matt says:

    These towels were very beneficial to me when Des and I rode our bikes in the LA marathon. You put a small amount of water in it so that it spreads out… then your sweat will make it grow more and will absorb it….Brilliant idea!!!Matt

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW … unc

  4. JessHart27 says:

    I started reading your blog after you commented on mine. Oh, you make me laugh! Love the Double Dare reference!

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