Doesn’t this remind you of the cut-out shadows you created in pre-school? I can still feel the crayon move slowly around my head…along my arms…and then in between my fingers as I was traced onto paper. Smiling to my little self and relishing those few moments of complete relaxation. That just might have been my first yoga class.

2 comments on “Shadows

  1. Jeff says:

    Actually it reminds me of my first fall day in the back yard of my Money Pit of a house we sold when I realized I had a lot of trees that drops a lot of leaves in my yard. I think I cried….not of Joy….but of pure hatred for trees that day. I got over it quickly however when I flipped the switch of my leaf blower on and blew all of those nasty leaves into a pile and then jumped into only to land in a pile of doggy doo that I covered up!! Ohhhhh it was a beautiful day….

  2. Carolyn says:

    lol. someone get a crayon and trace jeff onto paper. Stat.

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