Eager to visit?

Sorry, I’ve been in a blogging funk. Things haven’t been going so smoothly around here. My parents came down this past weekend and so I decided to take them on a “scenic drive” to a small town where they were having a Main Street festival. Well, we got the small town part, but it was no party, that’s for sure. We crossed through a state park and rolled under canopies of leaves with a cooler packed full of picnic goodies and a bottle of wine. Things were looking up.

And then the car stalled. Ryan managed to pull onto a dirt road, which seemed safe. And then I glanced up to see what the street name was called and I got chills. I don’t know why, but words with the ‘g’ deliberately removed (especially on a public access road) seems like the first ingredient in a recipe of danger.

After a couple hours, the tow driver came to pick us up in his truck that fits one and a half people.  We ran through several scenarios, but the driver ended up calling his brother to pick up my parents. And then offered to give us one of his personal cars to drive the hour back to home. We weren’t used to such generosity and he really did save the day. In fact, the car he loaned us was better than my car that broke down. 

Above are my parents in “the brother’s” truck. My mom said he gave one word answers, while our driver divulged his whole life story to us. I hope we never meet his wife, because we know way to much to have an unbiased impression of her. 

So, is anyone else eager to visit? Don’t all put your hands up at once. Please, you’re embarrassing yourselves. Sit down.

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