Attack of the 3 ft Baby!

Happy Halloween! Let’s hope you don’t see this little girl in the dark shadows as you stumble into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

You spot her at the end of the kitchen. Quickly you realize that this is not your normal niece. It’s her alter ego, little Miss Hyde. Frightened, you turn to run but slip on the tiles. As you climb to a standing position, she’s there!

She lets out a low growl and you pick her up to cuddle the monster out of her! Wasn’t this your little niece, K?? What’s happened to her!?

You laugh crazily in disbelief and try to freeze little Miss Hyde with your breath. She turns her head and snarls.

You give the baby to your mom for help. Your other niece, E, stops eating colored sprinkles and yells at you “Save yourself Carolyn!” She puts on a brave face, but does not see K behind her…about to attack. You push E out of the way just in time and run to feed the alter ego it’s only kryptonite: leftover spaghetti. That’ll do it. You heat up the meal and give it to K. 

She eats and eats and eats, smooshing the Hyde monster deeper into her belly and you see her return back to her normal self. You pat yourself on the back for such quick thinking about the food. Everyone has left, leaving just the two of you. She smiles sweetly at you and you return the smile. After some time, you get up and start to walk out the door. You lean back to say goodbye…and slowly..slowly K turns around to face you. [Cue laughter from end of Thriller video]

One comment on “Attack of the 3 ft Baby!

  1. Anonymous says:

    well done. well done.

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