Counting down the days until…

we have internet. I must say, though, that this weekend felt especially long. Could be because we don’t have internet. The first day here, I went straight to the library (where I’m at now) and haggled with the lady to give me a card even though I don’t have any mail stating I live in town. It was pretty scandalous. I found some movies and books to read…but I also found something that starts up this week and hopefully I’ll meet people through it. We’ll see.
Ryan spent the majority of his time absorbing coloquial phrases (“I preciatecha”) and figuring out the correct number of fingers people use to wave while driving. Apparently, there are many variations of this wave (well, I take that back. There are only 5 variations depending on how many fingers you have) and he is on the verge of declaring this town as a ‘one-finger wave’ community.
I’ll be back in KC to see a show this week and will use that opportunity to post some very random pics.

One comment on “Counting down the days until…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me too! Post the photos; gotta see the kate poses on this Monday morning.

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